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People all over Canada are ditching overcrowded coffee shops, their own homes and bland corporate offices for their ideal workspace.


Why not join them?
The big idea


Our mission is simple: to put existing space to more productive use.
If you have space in your home, garage or office that’s being underused, this is a great way to make some extra income.
If you’re running out of space, need specialized equipment or crave an alternative to writing on your laptop at a cafe, you can rent what you need from a neighbour (and maybe even make a new friend).
Put the sharing economy to work for you and expand your possibilities via the Shared Space Project.

Do you qualify?

Shared Space isn’t for everyone; to qualify for use, one or more must apply:

You’re tired of the cross-city commute and the sad little cubicle that constitutes your work space, despite its sexy carpeted walls.
You’re on the edge of awesome. You have a life-enhancing idea or a project in mind and need a dedicated space to set it free.
You’re a serious hobby enthusiast with a collection of stuff that’s outgrown your wildest dreams. We dig that.
You’ve fallen out with Barista Joe over his ridiculously overpriced cold brew coffee and need a new hang-out without the agro.
You like the idea of a co-work space but in reality there’s only so much table tennis and talk of hipster things you can manage in a week without being exposed as too conventional.

No time-wasters please.

Benefits of using Shared Space

Awesome Spaces

We find hosts with real estate that you can use to be awesome.

Growing locations

We’re conquering Canada and we’ve plans to take over the world! (Muahaha – cue plan laugh).

Budget Friendly

Blow your budget on a penthouse loft or grab a corner of a summer house, whatever you can afford we’ve got a space to match.


Choose where you want to work on a day-to-day basis, based on your schedule and priorities.


We handle all payments using a secure online payment system. Plus, our community leaves feedback and reviews so you know who to trust.


Belong to a community of growth-minded people who prefer to work, live and prosper together in ways that better suit modern lifestyles.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Shared Space?

Shared Space is an online platform that opens up homes for workspaces. We connect space cravers (those that need more space for doing work and activities or storing stuff) with homeowners that have unused space during the day.

Do I have to sign up to a monthly contract?

Nope. We’re big fans of flexible working. You pay per hour or by day, meaning you’re in control of when and how much you use the space.

What kind of spaces do you have available?

Spaces vary from workout studios, workshops and storage rooms to kitchens and even a sunny spot in the garden! There’s room for all sorts of interests, find your best fit here.

Is it complicated? How do I use Shared Space Project in a nutshell?

Shared Space Project is really simple to use:

1) Search for a space nearby. You can also refine by price, dates, capacity and privacy level.

2) Send a nice message to a few different hosts – some hosts are faster at responding than others, so if you’re making an urgent booking we recommend you message about five spaces to find somewhere that fits your style and to a avoid sad face.

3) Send a booking request, and if successful, pay for your space and go be awesome!

Can I use the spaces for any purpose?

People use Shared Space for all sorts of reasons – yoga, cake decorating, storing star wars memorabilia, growing business empires and more! The only limitation is your imagination, oh, and illegal stuff (please refer to qualifying criteria).

Can I stay overnight?

No. Shared Space Project is a daytime rental service – sorry ya’ll.

What hours are the spaces available?

The available hours are listed on each individual property page – but many hosts are flexible and are willing to shorten or extend the set hours if you ask nicely.

Can I negotiate on price?

You can try and check with the host if you’ve got a good reason. For example, they may consider reducing the cost for the day if you make a commitment to use the space for several days. Tip: Be nice and give them your best emoji.

How do I get in and out of the property?

This depends a lot on how you arrange it with your host in advance. Most hosts either have a key lock or arrange to let you in. Best to check this with your host before making the booking.

Will there be anyone else present at the space?

It’s totally up to you! If you want some company then filter by low privacy and spaces to share will pop up, medium means that there’ll be someone in the property but not the space you’re using, and high privacy typically means that you’ll have the whole place to yourself.

Where do I find details of my booking/space location?

You’ll find all these details under the bookings and messages tab, we’ll also email you the details once a booking has been confirmed.

Can I book the space for a few days every week?

For sure, most hosts will be over the moon to make the extra $$$! Plus, some owners offer a special price to people that make use of their space regularly.

How can I pay for my bookings?

We accept Visa, Mastercard and American Express.

When is the money for a booking deducted from my bank account?

Once a host has accepted your booking, you’ll be invited to pay by debit or credit card and that is when payment is deducted.

Can I cancel a booking?

Of course, but cancellations can significantly impact the other person involved, so please keep this in mind. You may cancel a booking if the host agrees to it and receive a refund for the cost of the space, however, you won’t receive a refund of the guest fee amount (read up on this here).

How much commission does Shared Space charge?

We charge 15% of commission per booking.

What do I do if there is a problem on the day of my booking?

Talk to your host and try and sort out what’s up. You’ll get their contact details upon booking confirmation. If the problem continues, email us at

and we’ll make sure it’s dealt with quick smart.

How do I leave a review?

24 hours after your booking is completed, you’ll have the chance to post a detailled review under you’re Dashboard, inside your “My Reservation” section. You will see a “Post Review” button to write your comments. It shouldn’t take longer than two minutes to complete and it would help your host to get more bookings!

Tip: Trust and transparency is how we roll and by leaving / receiving reviews you make Shared Space a kickass platform that’s easy for people to use.

Still, have Questions?

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